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vegetariancooks's Journal

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No food with faces!
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vegetarian recipes
Looking for a favourite recipe, or a new recipe to try? Want to share your favourite recipes with other people? Need some cooking tips? Have tips to share? Then you're in the right place!

This community is intended to be an on-going collection of vegetarian recipes. Feel free to post any meat-free recipes, whether they're your own creations or favorites from other sources. Also, don't be afraid to post if you're in need of cooking advice, help, or tips.


1. Post must be at least lacto-ovo vegetarian. No meats or fish. Diary and eggs are allowed.

2. No flaming, hateful comments, or anything of the sort. Be nice.

3. Recipes posted do not have to be main dishes. Please feel free to post side dishes, desserts, drinks, anything as long as it follows rule 1.

4. Members do not have to be veg*n, just the posts.

5. Please use the tags correctly.

6. Keep posts to recipes, recipe sharing, and cooking help, advice, and tips. Please no advertisements.

7. Enjoy the community! From beginners who have just set foot in a kitchen for the first time, to accomplished cooks, all are welcome here!

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