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Apr. 14th, 2011



Easy meals for non-cooks?

Hello all! My husband's company recently moved, so until we also move, he's facing a 1.5 hour commute each way, meaning _I_ am now in charge of dinner if I don't want to wait to eat until 8pm! So I'm looking for fairly easy recipes - we do have a TON of veg cookbooks, but I've discovered I much prefer personal recs, especially as I am a disaster in the kitchen!

My conditions? I really am a horrible cook - I'm ok w/ prep work, but if I have to do more than stick something in the microwave or oven, bad things happen. I've pretty much been banned from using a frying pan. Boiling is ok...mostly ;) Baking is fine, as I AM a master of cookies, cakes, etc. So I need recipes that don't really involve sauteeing or frying or that sort of thing!

I made this tortilla pie last night, which went fine - assembling and baking is just about my speed!

And I can make a mean lentil soup, but we're about to enter into too-warm-for-soup weather.

Any recipes that you think I could handle would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

Mar. 23rd, 2011



Tortilla Soup with Pinto Beans

I love tortilla soup! Seriously, I could eat a gallon. Maybe more.

And this is my take on it. And while it's not the prettiest soup, it is delicious. And it's vegan if you leave out the cheese, or sub with vegan cheese.


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Any Simple Brown Rice Recipes?

Hey everyone! This is my first post to the group :)

So, since becoming a vegetarian almost 3 years ago, I still have yet to learn how to really cook and mostly rely on frozen entrees and vegetarian junk food. And it seems like every time I vow to start eating more wholesome food, I pick up a bag or box of brown rice.  And proceed to never cook it. Meaning I have a ton of (still good) brown rice lying around.  The only thing I've really ever done with it is cook it the way the box/bag suggests (plain) then add a steamed bag of frozen veggies.  This, as you can imagine, is pretty plain :(

Does anyone have any suggestions for making brown rice awesome? 

I'm thinking spices or simple additions to it.   I know this is probably an obvious how-to for some people, but I really don't know how to cook. But I'm going to learn :) Long recipes still intimidate me ^_^;;;

Mar. 20th, 2011



Is this a good knife sharpener?

I've been in the market for a knife sharper for a while now and noticed today's gold box deal on Amazon is the Chef's Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener for $89.99 (normally $139.99). It has a lot of amazing reviews so I think i'm going to buy it, especially since it's on sale for today only. I was just curious if anyone here has personally used this one? Thanks in advance!

Mar. 6th, 2011



Rustic Potato Pizza

I seriously wish I had tried this sooner. I had been wanting to make one for the last year, but didn't until I had a pizza party recently. This was by far the most popular, and the simplest to make.  And vegan if you don't use Parmesan.

Rustic Potato Pizza
I recipe pizza dough – I used the olive oil dough from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day
2 large Yukon gold potatoes; thinly sliced
4 tablespoons olive oil
Sea salt; to taste
Coarse ground black pepper; to taste
3 tablespoons rosemary
1/4 cup Parmesan; optional
Preheat the oven to 500 degrees F.
Stretch and flatten the dough to reach the desired thickness of crust.
Place the dough on a pizza pan and cook for 3 minutes. Remove from oven.
Arrange the potato slices evenly around the pizza.
Drizzle with the olive oil and season with the salt, pepper, and rosemary. Sprinkle with parmesan if using.
Cook for 10-20 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked and slightly burnt around the edges.
Serves 1-2

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Feb. 8th, 2011



Lentil Sloppy Joes

What’s better than sloppy joes when it's cold out? Lentil sloppy joes!  Instead of using TVP or other fake meats, which I usually find chewy and odd tasting, I use lentils which are high in fibre and protein (and pretty tasty too). I also like to hide some vegetables, like carrots, in the sauce. But don’t tell The Boyfriend! He really enjoyed these despite them being “fake sloppy joes”.

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Jan. 22nd, 2011


Baked Pasta e Fagioli

(Inspired by Poor Girl Eats Well)

As a poor, hungry, lazy-cook vegetarian, I scanned my shelves tonight trying to figure out a way to use stuff I already had and yet make something yummy for dinner.  I spied a box of pasta I had gotten for free with a coupon (Yay, free!)  and a long-past-date can of navy beans.  I immediately thought of pasta e fagioli, but strangely I was not in the mood for soup.  Please note that I will refine this recipe as my mood and budget allows, and probably do things like sautee onions and garlic and maybe some other vegetables to put in this.  But still, what I came up with was pretty good.  So here's what I did:

Cooked about 2/3 a box of rotini.
While it was cooking I chopped up some olives and marinated artichoke hearts, and rinsed and drained the can of navy beans, and drained a can of Rotel.
Put all of the above into a 9x13 casserole dish, and poured pasta sauce over the whole thing, and mixed it in.  (I figured it was okay that I didn't sautee onions and garlic because I used "garlic and onion" pasta sauce, along with some plain.)
Covered the dish with foil and baked it at... I think it was 375F for about 1/2 hour.
Then I took off the foil and crumbled sliced of pepper jack cheese over the top.  (Obviously mozzarella would be preferable, but that's not what I happen to have on hand right now.)
Put it back in for about 3 1/2- 4 minutes, and voila!

BTW, I had gotten the Rotel marked down at Target for 44 cents , and the can of olives on the markdown shelf at Stop & Shop for 89 cents, and the can of beans had been sitting around forever, so this was very budget-friendly, as well.

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Jan. 8th, 2011

Cook It


Thick and Hearty Vegetable Stew

Thick and Hearty Vegetable Stew



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Jan. 6th, 2011



Vegan Apple Coffee Cake

I've been on a baking and cooking spree lately, and decided I needed to throw in a breakfast item. So I made coffee cake.

Apple Coffee Cake

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Jan. 1st, 2011



Happy New Years!!!

Since it's New Years, here are some black-eyed peas for good luck. I don't really know if black-eyed peas are considered good luck on new years everywhere, or just Texas/the south. But anyways, I made Texas Caviar. If you've never had Texas Caviar, it's black-eyed peas, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro in an oil-vinegar dressing, and serve with tortilla chips.


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