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What does everyone do for Thanksgiving dinner?


My older sister is vegetarian, and has been for years, so my family's used to making Thanksgiving dinner for a vegetarian. We still make the turkey, and everything else is vegetarian, so without the turkey, you're not missing much. We usually make sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, peas, rolls, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. The stuffing is made special so it's vegetarian, and it's pretty easy. Just don't stuff it, and mix the celery and bread with veggie stock.

So then, even if you're not eating any turkey, it's still a big, filling meal.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving's was a couple of years ago when it wasn't raining, though it wasn't even 40 degrees I decided on a picnic. I put china plates in our picnic basket.

We went to a local park on the river and spread a big blanket on a boulder and we had our picnic on china plates: Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, homemade chocolate chip cookies, sliced apples and we shared a thermos of hot cocoa. It was a great day. Then we headed home and put more wood on the fire and warmed up.

This year we are staying home and I am making a big salad and a homemade vegie pizza.

I don't like all of the typical Thanksgiving side dishes because they are all mushy, full of carbs and fat and the texture sucks. I don't like eating a plate of mushy food in any circumstance, so Thanksgiving is no exception.

The one Thanksgiving themed item we had is the Pumpkin/Pineapple bread that I made the other day. We had that for breakfast.
Several years ago when I was with my last boyfriend we decided to make a local food Thanksgiving. Which was harder than it sounded since when we started looking for native food species we only got "local farmers" so we settled for "as long as it was locally GROWN or produced we can use it." I'm a vegetarian so making a meat course when it was just the two of us (and only one would eat it) was going against what we wanted to do with the whole green thing so we left that out.

We made stuffed squashes instead of stuffed turkeys. That time it was made with a soft, sweet cheese, cranberries, and bread crumbs so it SORT of resembled turkey stuffing (only... not) but if we could have found some locally produced rice/wild rice there are other fillings we thought about making. We also made garlic red mashed potatoes (OMG NUM) with a mushroom gravy. Locally made sourdough bread (didn't have time to make the bread ourselves) I don't like pie so we made a bread pudding to go with all of it.

I feel like I'm leaving something out but it was a while ago so....

(I haven't really celebrated Thanksgiving since then, sorry)
We don't celebrate it now, but when we did we had Tofurkey, Veggie Gravy, Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce (not out of a can) and Sparkling Cider. No big deal, was good and very similar to growing up. *shrugs* It can be expensive, so one year I made a veggieloaf instead. O
Occasionally my friend eats fake-ham. I'm kosher, and I get its veggies, but the thought of it makes me uncomfortable.

You could do corn on the cobb, salad, rolls/bread and pasta if you like - good, filling meal.
I toss hot/cooked pasta with lemon juice, olive oil, pitted kalamata olives, salt, peas and parsley -
very yummy, just be careful how much lemon juice you add.